I don’t have a favorite movie. Period.

OK first things first, I’m a movie lover, the movie maniac, Mr. Never-wanna-grow up movie nerd whose area of interest is movies and movies alone. And this post is gonna be a long ass one with nothing other than a lotta personal brags. I’ve been hooked to movies for like since times I can’t remember, […]

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Me Mi Moi Mich :)

I’ve felt bad for not having learnt to play the guitar every time I saw some cool kid picking on the strings over at college. Felt bad for not having a neat handwriting. My chemistry ma’am in 12th used to say tat I write like a kindergarten kid. Of course, I always had the keyboard. […]

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Tales of a junkie who fell in love with movies and life. You call it blog, I call it brag. :)


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